After landing at San Francisco International Airport, the woman realized that she had forgotten her leather jacket on the seat. But the flight attendant wouldn’t let him return to his seat to get his jacket. The flight attendant promised to bring the woman’s clothes himself.

A little later, the passenger noticed that there was no AirPod in his jacket pocket. The woman used the Find app to see the location of her wireless headset. The device was found at the address of a residential building in San Mateo, California.

The woman contacted the San Francisco airport and then the police to report the incident. As a result, it turned out that one of the flight attendants stole the headphones. Almost two weeks later, the woman returned her AirPods, but the earphones weren’t in top condition. After numerous complaints, the airline paid him $271.91 for new headphones and 5,000 bonus miles as an apology.

Source: Ferra

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