Microsoft has threatened third-party developers who don’t have access to its search engine if they don’t stop using Bing search results to train their own AI bots.

Microsoft bans the use of Bing to train other people’s AI bots

According to Bloomberg, citing sources, the IT giant has already notified two anonymous search engines of this.

It should be noted that Microsoft has licensed access to Bing data to several search engines, including DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo uses a combination of Bing with its own search engine to provide search results, while and Neeva use Bing to conserve resources by pulling data from Microsoft’s search engine.

At the same time, several companies are developing their own AI models at the same time. DuckDuckGo has introduced DuckAssist, an artificial intelligence assistant for summarizing responses to search queries. and Neeva launched the YouChat and NeevaAI chatbots.

Microsoft has told “at least two customers” that the use of Bing’s search algorithm to develop artificial intelligence tools violates the terms of the agreement and therefore could be terminated.

“We have contacted non-compliant partners as we continue to follow our agreements across the board,” Microsoft said. “We will continue to work directly with them and provide any information they need to find ways forward.”

Bloomberg points out that if the cooperation with the corporation ends, it will be difficult for other search engines to find an alternative, since Google restricts competitors’ access to its data.

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