The doctor listed three dangerous reasons why you should not prevent sneezing. First of all, it is the risk of rupture of the aneurysm. This is serious, because cerebral hemorrhage can occur due to a sharp increase in pressure. According to Zakharova, an aneurysm is the “tiniest balloon” formed due to local weakness in the wall of an artery in the brain. And often the aneurysm is present from birth.

The second reason is that when sneezing is delayed, the air pressure behind the nose rises sharply, so there is a risk of getting mucus and infection into the middle ear. This can cause severe deafness, infection (otitis media) and even rupture of the eardrum.

The third reason is a possible infection in the paranasal sinuses, which may occur due to pressure fluctuation. There is a risk of serious acute sinusitis.

News cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Consult an expert before making a decision.

Source: Ferra

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