Carolina Cruz She is a prominent Colombian presenter and businesswoman after announcing the end of her over 10-year relationship with the actor. Lincoln Palomeque His followers are eagerly awaiting who will be Valle del Cauca’s new love.

A video released by La Red would be confirmation that the host of ‘Día a Día’ will give him a new opportunity in love, this time with a woman. pilot.

(Keep reading: Video: Carolina Cruz kisses a mystery man at FEP. Is that her new boyfriend?).

According to the gossip program, this mystery man, According to his statement on his Instagram profile, Jamil Farah is a pilot by profession.

street She assures that Carolina Cruz and Jamil Farah know each other: “He’s known Carolina for a long time because in different photos, both Carolina and the host’s close friends interact with her through comments and emojis.”

This relationship is not confirmed by the host or pilot.

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Pamela Avendano

Source: Exame

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