For You section on Twitter, which shows recommended content, even from people the user doesn’t follow, after all, won’t just show posts from accounts that have paid for a Blue subscription. After a wave of complaints from users, Elon Musk stepped back and now ensures that the accounts a person follows will also appear in this area.

I forgot to mention that the accounts you follow directly will also be in For You since you explicitly requested them“, the mogul said hours after noting that from April 15, “only verified accounts will be eligible to be recommended to you.”

This new change, yes, only applies to accounts a person follows. That is, the posts of users who are not verified without paying for a subscription to Twitter Blue will have less reach in their tweets. Mainly because they won’t show up in the feeds of people who don’t follow you.

Musk has already said on Twitter that this is a limitation. it was the only way to “pay attention to swarms of advanced AI bots”. However, the mogul, who has owned Twitter since October 2022, has spent months looking for a way to make the social network profitable. Twitter will also make sure that only Blue subscribers can vote in polls. In addition, he will remove the old verifications – those that Twitter issued before Musk bought the company. Unless, of course, they will pay those 8 dollars a month that a subscription costs.

Either way, both restrictions are likely to help Twitter fight bots and spam on the platform. Twitter essentially also needs to verify the identity of the account.

Twitter costs less than half what Elon Musk paid

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All of these changes also come after Elon Musk revealed that Twitter was worth less than half of the $44,000 million he paid to acquire the company. The company, in particular, Its cost is estimated at about $20 the tycoon confirmed after announcing a new compensation program for his employees.

One of the reasons Twitter is now worth less than half its price is the huge advertiser loss the company has experienced since buying the mogul. Musk, however, is optimistic and He believes that the social network could be worth $250 billion in the future. The executive has also taken important cost-cutting measures. Among them are the layoffs of thousands of employees or the decision not to pay the rent of some of its offices.

Source: Hiper Textual

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