Music lover? Well you’re in luck as you enjoy audio formats Premium it’s never been easy. And the thing is, while hi-res music has been available for some time (with gradual improvements in codecs and processing), hardware has been left behind, and while there are more and more high-quality stereo receivers – even mobile phones with better digital analog level converters – there is still a big problem in finding reliable means of getting lossless music.

The problem arises from the lack of digital recordings with the high sampling rates and bit depths (from 48 kHz/24 bits and above) necessary to obtain crystal clear sound. If you are up to date and have good headphones or speakers, here we list best high definition audio sites available at the moment.

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If you want to listen to music in the highest possible quality, Tidal is one of the few alternatives. Despite its quirks, it allows subscribers to stream at up to 24-bit/96kHz quality, which is by far the highest resolution of any major streaming service. Best of all, many modern receivers have a network connection, making it easy to link your Tidal account to your Hi-Fi system.


But if you want to not only listen to music, but also buy it – and not just “rent” it from a service like Tidal – you have interesting options. there are quite a few shops Online which offer a lot of music to add to your catalog…if you know where to look. We’ve put together a great list of some of the best websites to meet your high-res audio needs.

At this point, you might be interested in a comparison between Spotify vs. Apple Musicthis guide to best free music recording software or is it something else how to enjoy real Dolby Atmos sound.


formats: WMA, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC
higher resolution: 24bit/192kHz

HDtracks has one of the largest collections of pop, rock, classical and jazz music on the Internet in high definition. David Chesky, renowned songwriter, musician and producer, has co-founded and chaired the site and continues to develop its catalog.

Virtually all of the files on the site are available in several resolution formats that meet the highest industry standards, although many of them are only available as a CD.

You’ll find plenty of your favorite artists here, from Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Rush to Marvin Gaye, but don’t look for Beatles tunes. If you’re looking to build a large collection of Hi-Res Audio quickly, this is a great starting point.


higher resolution: 24bit/192kHz

Qobuz is not only one of the top two options for streaming high-definition music, but also a good place to buy and download it. Qobuz operates its own high-definition music store with a wide selection of genres, from pop/rock to classical and more. While it doesn’t offer as many high-res file formats as other stores, it’s an obvious choice to buy your music if you’re a Qobuz Sublime Plus subscriber, as you’ll get discounted download prices, often saving you up to five dollars per album. If you buy a lot of high-res music, this discount alone could justify a $20.83 Studio Sublime monthly subscription or a $250 annual subscription.


formats: FWMA, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, FLAC Studio Surround 5.1
higher resolution: 24bit/96kHz

Formerly known as The Classical Shop, Chandos features music from over 200 record labels, as well as a massive collection of over a million classical and jazz tracks. Also, 80,000(!) new tracks are added every month, although many of them are only offered in higher resolution CD quality.

Unfortunately, with the advent of Chandos, useful search tools for sorting by format are no longer available. Many sub-genres in the field of classical and jazz music are also available, with masters in the studio and in high definition.

ATMA Classic

Formats: FLAC, CD
higher resolution: 24bit/96kHz

Although this 15 year old French Canadian site isn’t as extensive as The Classical Shop, it has a great selection, good organization, and even a great catalog with pages that turn into a virtual book. The site features hundreds of titles and can be easily browsed by composer, artist or genre. Perhaps best of all, the prices are very competitive ($10-$15 per album).

Blue Coast Records / Downloads NOW!

formats: WAV, DSD
higher resolution: 24bit/96kHz

For those looking for something a little more eclectic and understated, the Blue Coast site offers a good selection of indie rock and pop hits, many of which were recorded and then “handpicked by a Grammy-nominated producer like Cookie Marenco.” . . Users get several free downloads when they sign up, and on a sister site with the catchy title Downloads Now! These sites aren’t the prettiest on the internet, but they do have great live music from artists you won’t find anywhere else.

Untouched classic

higher resolution: 24bit/48kHz

Pristine Classical has a great selection of music that offers a good punch from past recordings, many of which are from records dating back to the early 1940s. All tracks have been carefully remastered, although in some cases they will cost you a pretty penny.

The best resolution available seems to be in the lower realm, at 24bit/48kHz, but if you want to listen to music your grandparents (or great grandparents) saw live, this is one of the best ways.

These are our favorite best quality options for your precious online time. However, there are many other sites to choose from, which we have listed below.

Niche Music Sites


All of the sites on our list offer HD audio, but some are hosted outside of the country and may have restrictions on what content is available for purchase in the United States.

  • Analecta Records: Classics
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra: Local performances by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops orchestras, among others.
  • Cedille Records: Music from the Chicago Classical Records Foundation
  • Channel Classics: Classics
  • Gubemusic: classical, jazz, world
  • High definition tape transmissions: classical, jazz
  • Melba Recordings: Classic Performances by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  • Sound Liason: classics, sets, pop covers

Source: Digital Trends

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