InShot is one of the most used apps for video editing on mobile devices. It is possible with this make cuts, combine excerpts from different files and even add background music for your content.

It has a monthly, annual or lifetime subscription model. However, it is possible to use InShot for free with access to the main features of the app. But it has ads on screen, and every exported video has a software watermark that cannot be removed.

Today TecMundo teaches you how to do basic video editing procedures in InShot. Check out!

How to cut videos in Inshot?

1. Open InShot on your mobile device;

2. Select “Video” on the main screen of the application;

3. Next, if you want to edit a new video or open a new video you are working on, click the new option;

4. On the main editing screen, select the video by pressing it as shown in the image below;

Tap the timeline to select the video you want to cut

5. Then click “Pre-cut” with the video selected;

Click on "Pre-cut" to open editing options

6. On the next screen you will have three cut options. Them:

  • Floor: allows you to shrink the video to a smaller size. To do this, place the section you want to keep between the two white bars. Anything other than these will be cut automatically;
  • To cut: as the name suggests, it takes a cut of a specific part of the video. Unlike the previous option, everything between the two white bars will be cut automatically;
  • To split: option serves to split a video into two parts. To do this, position the white bar exactly where you want the split to be made.

InShot has three crop options

7. After making the changes, click the “Check” icon to return to the edit screen;

8. Now export your video. For this, click on the button with the square and arrow symbol at the top of the screen, as seen in the picture below;

The export video button is located at the top of the screen

9. Finally, select the final resolution, speed, and export format of the video. Then simply hit the “Save” button to have it sent to your smartphone library.

How to add music to Inshot?

1. Open the InShot app on your mobile phone;

2. Next, create a new project or open a project you are editing;

3. On the edit screen, click “Music” as shown in the image below;

Look for the "Music" icon in the video editing bar

4. Next, click the first icon in the “Music +” option;

5. On the screen that opens, you have several free songs that you can use in your video. However, the relevant guidelines must be followed. For example, refer to the music copyright holder;

Find the "Music +" icon

6. You can also use a song from your mobile device. To do this, click on the “Local” option. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the way the song is used. If you choose to use a famous person, it may be that some social networks such as Instagram and TikTok do not accept the content;

7. After selecting the song you want, press the red button that says “Usar” and then the “check” button;

After selecting your song, don't forget to press the button to send it to the editing area.

8. When you return to the editing area, notice that the music line will be below the original video. Make any necessary adjustments when expanding, cropping or enlarging content;

The music will be on the timeline below the selected video

9. After making all the edits, press the button with the box icon and the up arrow at the top right of the screen to export your video;

10. Select the final resolution, speed and format and hit the “Save” button to send it to your device’s library.

Now that you know how to use the main features of InShot, unleash your creativity to produce the most amazing content for social networks.

Source: Tec Mundo

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