The founders of Russian facial recognition system developer NtechLab have announced their departure from the company due to disagreements with management and investors.

The founders of NtechLab announced their departure from the company due to disagreements with management and investors

As Alexander Kabakov and Artem Kukharenko told Reuters, they offered to stop working in Russia and relocate employees, but the management did not agree to this.

Most of the shareholders sided with the management and therefore the founders decided to leave the company.

The founders also stated that after the start of the special operation they signed an anti-war petition and are currently outside of Russia.

In December 2021, Kabakov resigned from NtechLab’s board of directors. Alexey Panyushkin, head of Alfa Capital’s planning, analysis and strategy department, took his place.

Kukharenko, who ran the company’s neural network lab, resigned shortly after Kabakov left, Reuters writes.

  • NtechLab was founded in 2015. The company is the developer of FaceFind technology, which makes it possible to recognize faces and silhouettes of people with 99% accuracy. In 2017, NTechLab agreed to connect its software to the video surveillance system of the city of Moscow. In 2020, the system was launched in ten other major cities.
  • The company also developed the FindFace Security system, which helps authorities apprehend suspected criminals.


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Source: RB

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