Experts from the hYPERs YouTube channel compared M.2 NVMe, SSD and HDD for download speed in games. Especially in The Atomic Heart and Hogwarts Legacy.

On Atomic Heart, M.2 NVMe took 1 minute 58 seconds to install shaders, 2 minutes 5 seconds for SSDs, and 2 minutes 11 seconds for HDDs. Game load time was 9 seconds for SSD and M.2 NVMe, and 9.5 seconds for HDD. Average FPS was 125fps with M.2 NVMe, 124fps with SSD and 123fps with HDD.

In Hogwarts Legacy, shader preparation took 21 seconds with M.2 NVMe, 24 seconds with SSD and about 48 seconds with HDD. The download speed was 7, 9 and 32 seconds respectively. And the average framerate was the same in all cases: 66fps.

Features of computer assembly:

  • video card Asus RTX 3080 Ti
  • Processor AMD Ryzen 9 5900X;
  • data store 2x16GB G.SKILL TridentZ RGB DDR4/3600 CL17;
  • power unit Modecom Volcano, 750W, 80PLUS Gold;
  • SSD Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe 4.0 Gen4 PCIe M.2/1TB CRUCIAL MX 500;
  • HDD 1TB SEAGATE BarraCuda 7200rpm;
  • motherboard MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS;
  • cooling system Deepcool Air Cooler ASSASSIN III;
  • OS Microsoft Windows 10 Pr.

Source: Ferra

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