According to Khrenov, scammers call with a job offer under the guise of employees of recruitment agencies and offer to call via Skype or Zoom to view the presentation.

They then ask them to check the activity of the bank account where the salary will be deposited. The victim is asked to share a screen, open a banking app, and transfer money to their mobile phone account.

After a successful transaction, the scammer offers the victim a job and sends an SMS message to return the money to the bank account. But the money goes to the attackers. Sergei Khrenov noted that in this way cases of theft of up to 10 thousand rubles are now recorded.

Note that this is not the first case where unconventional fraudulent methods have been used. Earlier, Andrey Prozorovsky, head of information security department of IMBA IT, reported cyber crooks using chatbots to deceive users and extort personal data.

Source: Ferra

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