The procedure, well known to owners, of “re-shoeing” the cola when changing more than once a year, may soon become a thing of the past. Korean automaker Hyundai presented Wheels with a concept that frees drivers from installing/removing chains on conventional wheels.

In this case, we present six special glue candles connected to six wheel spokes. In its contoured channels inside there are thick wires made of pressed alloys with shape memory and closing circuits against slipping, which in the initial position are “pulled” into the tread.

Turning on and passing electric current through them, for which on a smooth road the driver only needs to press a button. In response, endowed with the original shape and “squeeze out” the wire loop from deep in the tread, replacing the previous wheel chains and removing the driver from their tedious installation and.

For example, know-how (the technology has already been patented in the USA and South Korea) requires changing the entire wheel assembly, adding electrical connections to it. Hyundai expects mass production to follow.

Source: Tech Cult

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