The German data protection regulator allowed to block ChatGPT. The reason was the Italian precedent: the national regulator restricted access to the neural network due to the violation of the EU law on the protection of confidential data.

German authorities block ChatGPT

The fact that in Germany they do not exclude the blocking of the ChatGPT neural network, writes Reuters referring to the national regulator for the protection of personal data.

Germany’s top data protection specialist, Professor Ulrich Kerber, said the regulator is looking into situations related to the operation of ChatGPT to protect the security and protection of personal data of German residents.

On March 31, the Italian data protection regulator announced a ban on access to ChatGPT for Italian users. OpenAI blocked access to geolocation, but users in Italy can use the neural network using VPN services.

The Italian regulator accused OpenAI of violating the security of sensitive data following the leak that occurred on March 25. Due to a flaw in ChatGPT, users could see other people’s messages and access the payment information of service subscribers.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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