A New film Street Fighter is under development and will see the light in the near future. Report Deadline confirmed that Legendary Entertainmentproducer of such hits as Dune, Interstellar and a trilogy about The Dark Knight, bought the film production rights live action based on the popular fighting game.

Although details are scarce, it is known that Legendary will also develop the series from Street Fighter. The manufacturer wants to take advantage of the good taste in the mouth, which is an adaptation Last of us to a small screen. To ensure the quality of projects, Capcom will be directly involved as a co-producer in each of them..

It is not yet known who will be the director or screenwriter responsible for adapting the game for the big screen. It is also unknown who will be the actors or the plot that will cover the film. Capcom finalizes launch details Street Fighter 6the latest chapter in the saga, which will debut on June 2 on PC and consoles.

New movie confirmation. live action takes place almost 30 years after the premiere Street Fighter, a film by Stephen de Souza starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Raoul Julia and Ming-Na Wen. Although considered one of the worst video game adaptations, the film is admired for its performance as M. Bison by Julia. The well-known Puerto Rican actor admitted before his death that he accepted the role of the villain because his children were fans of the video game.

Should we be excited about a movie about Street Fighter with real actors

Series Last of us from HBO – a great example of a good adaptation

After success Last of us, some might think that this is the best time to try their luck with Street Fighter. Technology and special effects are advanced enough to launch hadukens Willy-nilly. In addition, the Japanese studio will handle the development and production of all projects.

However, we must take into account that Capcom was responsible for two previous failures. IN Street Fighter In 1994, the studio entrusted the project to Stephen de Souza, a screenwriter with extensive experience in action films thanks to Lively. commandos And 48 hours. Director he was not interested in developing a martial arts film, but in a mixture of Star Wars and James Bond.. Add to that the fact that Capcom spent their entire budget hiring Julia and Van Damme, and we have an idea why the film was destined to fail.

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Years later, Capcom tried its luck with Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, a film about a Chinese fighter jet. The idea to combine the film premiere with Street Fighter IV it didn’t turn out well for the studio. Movie It was a box office failure, grossing only $11 million..

Last of us this is a success story, but there is also Halo

Times are changing, and while companies seem to take great care to adapt their intellectual property, we still see exceptions. There is a case for analysis Halothe Paramount Plus series, which focuses more on the Master Chief’s existential conflicts (and buttocks). The creators decided to go beyond canon and explore elements that no one cares about, leaving aside what makes a game great.

Another series related to these practices, Witcher. After the success of the first season the writers decided it was best to follow their instincts based on books by Andrzej Sapkowski. This upset the audience and Henry Cavill himself, who did not renew the contract for another season and passed the baton to Liam Hemsworth.

If Capcom manages to avoid the old school mindset and focus on the keys to its franchise, the movie Street Fighter this could be the next big hit.

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