Haseki virus was found in the Asian region of Russia. The first cases of infection were recorded in Vladivostok in 2011-2012. The disease was manifested by fever and acute respiratory syndrome. Tests for known viruses were inconclusive.

More than a decade later, scientists from Rospotrebnadzor’s Vector State Center for Scientific Virology and Biotechnology were able to conduct a genetic analysis of the Haseki virus. To do this, they used archival serum samples from patients after tick bites in Vladivostok and tick and human serum samples in Novosibirsk.

“We found that the new Haseki virus can be transmitted from a tick to humans and coexists both separately and with other tick-borne infections. Mikhail Kartashov, senior researcher at the Vector Center for Biological Sciences Candidate, said that the virus does not circulate in only two regions of Russia, its distribution geography is much wider. We can already say with certainty that it is, ”he said.

Source: Ferra

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