microsoft edge added a very interesting option that will surely be very useful to you: open two sites in one tab. This feature has only recently appeared in the web browser, although it is not enabled by default.

This is because the function it’s still experimental, so it remains “hidden” until Redmond decides to finally integrate it. However, you can enable it manually to start using it as soon as possible. This is very easy to do, and at least during our tests, the tool performed very well.

It is worth noting that the option to split tabs not only for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is also available for web browser versions for macOS and Linux distributions, and the activation process is the same for all operating systems.

How to activate the split tabs feature in Microsoft Edge

The first thing we need to do is go to the Microsoft Edge Experiments section. For this we must enter edge://flags in the browser address bar and press Enter. Once there, we’ll look for an option Microsoft Edge split screen.

As we mentioned at the beginning, since this is a “hidden” option, it is disabled by default. To launch it, we just have to touch its drop-down menu and press “Enabled” or “Activated”. Quite often, experimental features are not fully translated if you’re wondering why their options might appear in English.

Once this is done, all that remains is to restart Microsoft Edge for the changes to take effect. In the future, this new feature will be enabled and available with just one click. To open two websites in one tab, we will only need to click on the “split window” icon It will appear to the right of the address bar.

Thus, the site that we are already visiting will be placed in the left half of the window. While in the right half we can find any of the other tabs already open, perform a search, open a new website, select an address saved in favorites, or whatever comes to mind.

microsoft edge

Another novelty related to this feature is that we can also access it by right-clicking on a link. alternative “Open link in split window” it will be included in the Microsoft Edge context menu.

A simple utility to improve our productivity

It is worth noting that tabs that show two sites at the same time they will be easy to identify, as they will show a colored bar at the bottom. Plus, you can drag and drop them to place them where you want them most, just like regular tabs.

Undoubtedly, we are facing a very simple trick, but it can help us to be more productive in Microsoft Edge. If you are used to opening different web browser instances to work on two websites at the same time, the split tabs feature will surely suit your needs.

In case the tool does not work properly, you can easily disable it from edge://flags. Keep in mind that enabled experimental features usually appear at the top of the list.

Source: Hiper Textual

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