Snails and slugs belong to a group of animals such as mollusks. Squids, oysters, oysters, octopuses also belong there. Among the mollusks there are gastropods, and these include slugs, snails.

The slowness of snails and slugs can be explained by at least three factors. It has to do with how they move, what they eat, and which animals eat them.

Slugs and snails move with the help of the so-called ventral leg. But in reality it’s not a leg, it’s a strip of muscle on the lower part of the body, and this strip is covered with sticky mucus. Everything happens very slowly because of this unique course of action. This is explained by the fact that the speed of snails and slugs is limited by the amount of mucus secreted and muscle contractions.

In addition, slugs and snails do not need to rush in search of food. Most feed on plants, decaying matter or marine animals (sponges). Therefore, food from them will not go anywhere.

Thanks to the slowness of snails and slugs, it is protected from predators. For example, snails hide in their shells, while slugs stay in sight because they are gray and cinnamon in color that blends well with their surroundings. As a result, hunters do not notice them.

Source: Ferra

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