Fine structure ChatGPT which allows the AI ​​to respond and solve various questions and instructions from people is a great part of creating Open AIHowever, as with any process of using this type of platform, it is necessary to be aware of the collection of personal data in order to take the necessary precautions.

The data that ChatGPT collects:

  • The first part states that when you create an account, personal information is collected, such as name, contact information, connection data such as the browser itself or IP address.
  • All messages that are written and actions performed by the user are collected.. Thus, they group all interactions by associating them with usernames that were previously collected to conduct research or improve tasks and analyze the services provided. Even these questions and messages are sent to third party apps.
  • The data is provided to “vendors and service providers, including hosting, cloud service providers and other providers of information technology services, event management services, email exchange software and email newsletter services, email and web analytics services” .
  • Personal data is collected through a cookie system using external providers. And the fact is that, according to this text itself, User browsing information may be collected even after accessing the platform. in order to find out where the user went after writing a message in ChatGPT.

Source: Digital Trends

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