Deepcake founder Maria Chmir launched, an artificial intelligence service for voice localization in 60 languages. The service duplicates the speaker’s words so that the speech comes “exactly to the lips” and can express this speech in the speaker’s own voice using Voice Cloning.

Link of the Day: AI service for voice cloning and translation of any speech

The creators of the startup submitted it to the Product Hunt, where it was chosen as Product of the Day. allows you to duplicate a speaker’s speech and localize it into 60 languages. The result is such that the speech falls “lips to lips”, and the spoken words can be voiced by the speaker’s own voice using Voice Cloning technology.

The service is free in the trial period. The cost of the basic rate is $39 per month, the PRO rate is $99 per month.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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