The kicksharing service Whoosh has launched a pilot operation of scooters with new technologies. Devices with a dashboard and a computer vision module were added to the park, a company representative told RB.RU.

Whoosh started testing scooters with a computer vision module

The company will test the technology on scooters from the Chinese company Ninebot. The devices will be equipped with a dashboard: a new display that reacts to events and provides feedback to the user, and a computer vision module that reads environmental data around the scooter and helps respond to it.

Testing will start in Moscow in 2023. Whoosh will launch up to 200 scooters in different areas of the city to collect user scenario data and analyze various speed zones, surfaces and infrastructure to interact with environmental objects.

Based on the results of the pilot, the company plans to introduce best practices into a model of its own scooter design, which Whoosh will introduce in 2024-2025.

Electric scooter rental service Whoosh went public in December 2022 and raised 2.1 billion rubles, which it planned to spend on increasing the fleet and launching its own electric scooter model with domestic components.


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Source: RB

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