Lnnoe agriculture took a big step forward: scientists from university phorids for the first time grew the r. This work marks an important role in the work on future deep space missions, as well as providing useful information about the remains and fertility of space terrain. There is not much lunar soil on Earth, so the experiment was not easy.

Previously, seeds have been grown in artificially simulated lunar soil from the sand of the Arizona desert, and a special greenhouse has also been developed for use on the Moon. In 2019, the Chinese Chang’e-4 probe for the first time planted sprouts on the surface of the sea inside the modern biosphere, but no.

moon plants

The soil for the experiment was collected during the Apollo 11, 12 and 17 missions, so there is only 12 g of precious material in NASA Irano’s history. In pots rrssss n n n n n n n n Ever nok were placed 1 each. In parallel, the same seeds were sown in artificial lunar soil, artificial Martian soil and terrestrial soils due to high danger. Surprisingly, almost everywhere the plants have dried up. This suggests that lunar soil does not cause suction.

Of course, not everything went smoothly. The “lunar” rrrrrxxrrrrrrrrrrrrr orn There are applications needed to counteract harmful effects and oxidation, so that the lunar experience is perceived as stressful. At the same time, plants in mature soil – that is, more strongly exposed to cosmic winds – show more stress, while in less mature soil the effect was smoothed out.

Source: Tech Cult

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