Scientists from the Indian Institute of Naui have developed a technology of “hot bots” – port devices. This is a visual presence inside the tooth, which cannot be penetrated by existing instruments. Washing, laser treatment and ultrasound also do not have the desired effect. Therefore, there is a hotbed of microbial population, with circulation and anti-tooth robot functions.

Strictly speaking, the technology is not new, the device used is already used to destroy cancer. The idea is that the helical iron-sprayed silicon dioxide structure can change and move in free space under significant magnetic fields. More importantly, they can be both transferred to surrounding tissues and removed after a treatment session.

True The excess heat destroys the bacteria, then the nanobots are removed. Experiments on rare teeth have been successful and Indian research is now working on a new special tool for dentists based on their technology.

Dental nanobots

Source: Tech Cult

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