This crazy offer drops the price by almost 50 euros.

When we buy an iPad or Mac, or even a new MacBook, we think about it. external keyboard for specific tasks. The official Apple keyboard is good, very good, but This one from Logitech is excellent and versatile and 100% compatible with Apple operating systems. Logitech MX Keys Advanced only costs today €86,99 (RRP 135 euros). Without a doubt, it is one of the best keyboards for teleworking. autonomy and connectivity.

The offer price is very good, we saved almost 50 euros With the purchase of this keyboard. If we compare with the official store, Logitech sells it for 135 euros, and in PcComponentes we have 103 euros. Yes I know you complete your purchase You will succeed with the Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced mouse.

Get the best Logitech keyboard for Mac for 36% off

Logitech MX Keys Advanced keyboard

Logitech MX Keys Advanced keyboard is by far the best for your Mac, MacBook or iPad

Comes with Logitech keyboard backlight Wireless connectivity and undoubted durability with adjustable keys. Invoice USB-C connector take a while to load 10-day battery (5 months with key backlight off) and the number pad is something we all miss on our MacBooks. In case you were wondering, the battery totals 1,500 mAh.

This model offered space gray and blackall function keys and Mac and iPadOS quick access. Has key layout Spanish QWERTY and 3 device keys to switch from one to the other when we need it. we can there are 3 devices paired and move between one and the other with these keys. Using a Mac is one of the best options today.

The keyboard lighting is smart and it will burn when we reach out our hand. One of the keys concave and spherical indentation in the center that makes them different to the touch, but you quickly adapt to them and make it easy for us to really press.

Compatible with Logitech keyboard iOS, Android, iPadOS, macOS, Windows and Linux no need to use additional drivers. The weight of the keyboard is 810 grams and slight steady slope to work better with him.

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