Sony’s Spatial Reality Display family of pseudo-3D monitors has expanded with the largest model with a diagonal of 27 days. There is no way to support 4K, the screen size is 3840 x 2160 pixels. The display response time is only 14 milliseconds, the contrast ratio is 1000:1, and the color gamut is 0K 650m. The cost is $5,000.

The principle of operation of the display has not changed, it forms a three-dimensional image by adjusting the image on the right and left half of the screen. A special miniature camera tracks the position of the user, the system adjusts to the direction of view, so he does not need to use 3D glasses. The new model adapts to 25 degree angle, 20 to 40 degree direction.

The novelty has an improved face development algorithm, it uses Sony’s ultra-high resolution system, similar to that used in Bravia screens – it optimizes the overall image quality. Displaying compatibility with a wide range of software tools such as various SDKs, DirectX11/DirectX12, Unity Open GL and Unreal Engine, plus there will be support for Open XR, but a bit later. Soon the developers will release an update for player applications for working with public 3D data formats and search engines for new applications for this display.

Source: Tech Cult

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