final season Subrogation He gave a big change in the last episode that got his fans on the internet. The death of Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox) in the series “Connor’s Wedding” aired last Sunday (9) has left doubts about the future of the series.

In that sense, who could continue to advance the narrative game of the series from this void? That’s why TikToker Dawson from @iwannabeonline recently shared some of his thoughts with his followers, revealing the possible new “villain” of the HBO conspiracy.

The video shows scenes where Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Greg (Nicholas Braun) use Apple phones while Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) uses an Android device. “Not everyone uses an Apple phone except Tom,” the caption read. You can check out an image of the character and his Android smartphone below.

While this is irrelevant, it’s important to remember Apple’s supposed commitment to television and film projects: The bad guys can’t come out using the iPhone. With that in mind, Tom may have a role that is considered bad in the coming episodes.

This information was made public from an interview in 2020. makeup fair with Rian Johnson, who at the time was still promoting his feature film Between Blades and Secrets (2019). “Them [a Apple] It lets you use iPhones in movies, but bad guys can’t be seen with iPhones in front of the cameras.”

Subrogation: What to expect from the rest of the 4th and final season of the series?

Season 4, as announced by the makers Subrogation It will serve as the last in the series. That way, there are at least six more episodes where many heartbreaking conflicts can unfold.

Somehow, Logan’s death caught many of the fans off guard, who commented via social networks that last Sunday’s episode (9) was the best ever.


Considering the hypothesis presented in the video posted on TikTok, Tom would be the villain of the final episodes. In the comments made, some people brought up the issue that Logan is not seen in the series with iPhone.

Source: Tec Mundo

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