Marlon Díaz, attorney for Police Colonel Carlos Feria Buitrago, answered three key questions about the case to the EL TIEMPO Investigation Unit.

The officer summoned by the prosecution is the head of the Palacio Military Department, the equivalent of the presidential security chief, as part of the investigation into the death of Colonel Óscar Darío Dávila Torres.

The first summons by the Prosecutor’s Office to Colonel Feria was to be made on 15 June. However, the officer asked for the case to be rescheduled and defended it. He was in Germany as part of President Gustavo Petro’s entourage. As determined by EL TIEMPO, he will not only request new dates, but will also come with a lawyer.

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In fact, the senior official who accompanied him during his time in the Bogota Municipality and was also very close to President Petro as head of security in his Presidential campaign, He hired well-known criminal lawyer Marlon Fernando Díaz to participate in this procedure and another procedure cited in the case of Laura Sarabia’s former nanny.

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“Colonel Feria Buitrago has the full will to appear before the judicial authorities and the Nation’s Attorney General, to clarify any facts considered to be legally relevant, as it has done so far. We trust the Ministry of Justice, whose decisions we respect and depend on, and its complete impartiality.“, this Saturday reported Colonel Feria’s defense in a press release.

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In an interview with EL TIEMPO, the criminal lawyer said the following about the procedure before the prosecutor’s office:

As a matter of fact, all protocols were fulfilled in the application of reliability and persuasiveness testing with polygraph.of course, respecting not only the case law of the Court of Cassation, but also all the norms regulating it and the practice within the functional framework in the new administrative structure of the Presidential Administrative Office.

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It has nothing to do with the arrest thing.

The coordination responsible for Colonel Dávila is called forward protection coordination, which is responsible for the safety, integrity and protection of the life and integrity of the President and Vice-President and high-ranking persons.
This is a coordination that actually depends on Colonel Feria.

It is the decision of the prosecutor’s office. The truth is that he cannot account for anything that happened at the time of the unfortunate events. I don’t know why the prosecution decided to call him as a witness. I think it’s because of the problems that happened that day or before that moment.

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