It is no longer a secret to anyone that the Internet has created several promising careers in the job market. Famous tiktokers, instagrammers, bloggers, youtubers and influencers in general are professionals who use networks to leverage their work.

However, you know that growing on the internet and making money on the internet is not limited to social networks, right? Preferring an online store over a physical store, looking for a job as a freelancer, signing up for delivery apps are also ways to consolidate your work in the digital environment.

With this in mind, we have brought you a complete article. 10 ways to make money online. Check out!

1. Online store

If you have accessories, clothes and products that have accumulated over time and no longer fit on you, you can sell them on a website. Bought a pair of sneakers but barely used them because your feet got bigger? Sell ​​it!

Simply create your online store on a website like Mercado Livre, OLX or Enjoei. If you want to do e-commerce without relying on marketplaces anymore, it is worth investing in your own brand. Take advantage of the possibilities of the Internet, do good marketing for the growth of your creativity!

2. Have a blog

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If you’re passionate about a particular subject, you can create a blog to share your ideas, reviews, and reviews. It is possible to generate income by using the space on the website to sell advertisements or promote certain products or services.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging, but there are others like With a small investment, there is the possibility to enlarge the web page and get more profit.

3. Become a freelancer

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Sell ​​your talent as a service. There are dedicated platforms for only a few activities such as creating written content, while others are involved in translation, image and video editing, dubbing, etc. It brings together all kinds of business that can be done online, such as

Three well-known freelance platforms are Workana, 99Freelas, and nExperts. It’s worth signing up for monthly income.

4. Become a driver or delivery man

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Those with cars can choose to be drivers for apps like Uber and 99. There is still the possibility of working as a delivery man – even for those who have a motorcycle. Mercado Livre has great offers for those who want to deliver their products.

5. Social media manager

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The social media manager is a very in demand professional these days. A person who organizes a company’s various marketing and relationship actions.Associated with social networks and various media.

He cares about the relationship between the company and its customers, among other duties. The great thing is that the work can be done entirely from home, especially when you decide to become a consultant.

6. Customer service

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Although not widely publicized, there are companies that maintain customer service with remote workers. Activities basically consist of answering and making calls, answering emails and answering questions via chat.

To qualify for the role, the employee must demonstrate that they have a phone line, quality internet and a 100% working computer. Some companies even hire the employee and provide all the study materials.

7. Online tutor

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If you’re a teacher, you can sign up for a website to offer your lessons to students who need tutoring. Or sharing knowledge of other languages ​​on platforms built for just that, like Cambly, Italki and Preply.

8. Buy online courses

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If you’re a teacher, in addition to teaching live, you can create online courses and sell them on a platform designed for this purpose, such as Udemy.

To create and sell your course, You just need to be an expert in a certain subject., for example, cooking or using a computer. However, the materials should be complete, and if you choose to record lectures, make sure you have a conducive environment and quality audio-visual elements.

9. Use your culinary skills

earn money online

This is true! If you like to cook, you can stay in the area and advertise your products through special apps like Ifood, Zé Delivery, Rappi, aiqfome and others.

If you have a place and are already working with food, sign up for the apps and wait for your next delivery order. They are adaptable and have regulations that must be followed for clarity and continuity in practice.

10. Social networks

earn money online

Finally, of course, social media should be on our list. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and other apps open doors for professionals.

If you communicate, like to share a bit of your day, enjoy keeping in touch with brands and interacting digitally, being an influencer is a great field. There are so many possible industries to address, such as cooking channels on YouTube, trends on TikTok, beauty on Instagram and more!

What profession do you identify yourself with? Take advantage of the opportunities in the online job market and start making money online. Currently serving as a facilitator for career building!

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