The FAS Expert Council for the Development of Competition in the IT Field will check the practices of Wildberries, Avito, Cyan and Yandex.Taxi for compliance with the principles of interaction between participants in digital markets, Kommersant writes.

The FAS Council will check the integrity of the work of Yandex.Taxi, Wildberries, Avito and Cyan

Online platforms in February last year signed a memorandum of adherence to the principles that prohibit unfair practices. However, the FAS continues to receive numerous complaints against market participants, notes the expert council.

The meeting is scheduled for April 21.

  • With regard to Wildberries, they will consider charging sellers fines for incorrectly indicated dimensions of products and the absence of marking codes, charging fees for returning products for non-compliance, and restrictions on the placement of products that are allowed for circulation.
  • Consumers complain about Avito due to changes in tariffs for services when placing ads; this could lead to an increase in cost.
  • The question to “Cyan” refers to restrictions on the sharing of consumer and seller contact information.
  • Yandex.Taxi receives complaints from drivers due to high commission and users complain about unclear prices.

The issue of the interaction between marketplaces and their partners became relevant in the midst of the conflict between Wildberries and the owners of the collection points, which began in mid-March. After extensive public discussions, the company took a series of measures to smooth relations with partners and regulators became interested in the work of the markets with their counterparties and consumers.


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