Apple made a before and after with the first generation AirPods earphones. It is true that it is not the first product with these features, but it is he who is responsible for making this type of TWS helmet fashionable. And their next big release will be AirPods Pro 2, but what do we know about them?

The truth is, we have mentioned these helmets before as they have been leaked several times showing some of their possible technical specifications. That’s why we’ve prepared a summary. Everything we can expect from AirPods Pro 2.

In addition, we take advantage of the filtering of the 52studio portal, where they show the possible design of these headphones to get an idea of ​​what they could be like. Let’s see all the secrets of Apple’s next AirPods.

AirPods Pro 2 design and features

To start, The design will not be new at all. Apple continues with the “if something works, don’t touch” logic, so we won’t see any visible aesthetic changes with this new generation.

yes we will see a reduction in the size of the barsThis makes the product a little smaller and less noticeable, but don’t expect too many cosmetic changes. As for the specs, there will be some surprises.

For example, we expect chip1 a SoC with higher performance and lower power consumption. It will also be responsible for giving AirPods Pro 2 more intelligence to use functions like Find more effectively.

They are also expected to have heart rate detection You get it through data analyzed in the inner ear. They can also measure body temperature, but this is not so clear.

And watch out for one of the big surprises: AirPods Pro charger will be USB C. This is different from previous rumors so take this information with a grain of salt. Finally, it will have improved noise cancellation and greater autonomy.

Possible release date and price

Finally, regarding the possible launch date and launch price of AirPods Pro 2, Apple is expected to officially present them at the end of September alongside the iPhone 14 series and the new Apple Watch. Is this the fee? definitely They will be around 249 to 299 euros. Without a doubt, it’s a product that will hit the market to become the Cupertino-based company’s next sales phenomenon.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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