OpenAI has invested $23.5 million in New Zealand startup 1X launched by Halodi Robotics. The goal is to develop a humanoid-type robot, with analogues of hand products, which can operate under the control of the GPT version of the neural network. The purpose of the project is currently unclear, it most of all resembles an experiment on something that can help a person in the workplace.

It is expected that prototypes will be discovered in the summer of this year. This is not surprising – neural networks are developing by leaps and bounds. The physical base has also been around for a long time, with OpenAI itself developing human-like manipulators in the past. It is not difficult for them to write software development to implement the management of synthetic elements, especially given the capabilities of GPT.

The robot-January worker does not by modeling establish the physiology of a person, on the contrary, in many offers this is essentially accurate. You can create a huge number of different types of robotic systems that implement a number of functions, but thanks to GPT they will be smarter than industrial robots, understand the features accurately and analyze the features of the workflow. As many IT giants took up the creation of such great workers, their appearance and placement among people

Source: Tech Cult

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