Influential Jefinho (Jéferfon Menezes) posted on social networks yesterday (13) Recreating a drawing made by your child with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The study went viral and began responding to requests from other users and showed the results on Twitter.

The first image produced by artificial intelligence showed Spider-Man standing next to a rocket. Jefinho’s idea of ​​his 4-year-old son turned into an extraordinary superhero figure with some sort of neck pillow and iceberg-like rocket.

“I used Stable Diffusion and the results are ready in under a minute. Normally I edit a little thing or two with Photoshop but there it is [na imagem do filho] I didn’t do any of these,” he said. Technology World.

From Abaporu (by Tarsila do Amaral) to a Vitruvian Man (by Leonardo da Vinci), children’s drawings reproduced by AI also convey innocence and refinement. With this, elements that may seem strange.

In this sense, in an image drawn by the daughter of user Robson Pereira, it is seen that the dog, heart and lion are in harmony. A AI even understood the characteristics of animals, but decided to add a strange smile to the human organ.. Check out the original children’s paintings and Jefinho’s work with AI in the gallery below:

AI is difficult for adults and children

The proliferation of artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT has changed the way we do creative activities. In the case of Steady Diffusion, this is a platform that converts text inputs to images and even images to other images. A free version of the AI ​​program was used by artist Carlos Henrique to recreate his characters. GTA San Andreas like it’s real.

The meaning of deep learning, neural networks, conversational artificial intelligence and other terms is a complex task even for adults. Jefinho showed his son the redesign of the drawing and said that the little one complained about the hands but didn’t try to explain in detail how the image was produced.

“He’s only four years old, so it’s ‘computer magic’ for him. But I have to admit I’m worried about the limits of this and will try to teach him more about it when he grows up, especially about using it for commercial rather than entertainment purposes. In fact, one thing is to do it as a joke like I did, and the other thing is to sell this work, which I already found something more complicated,” he argues.

Influencer says he has always loved 3D productions, but in the past it took hours to produce a work. He argues that the ease with which existing systems produce images has received a lot of attention. Even the photo above is her favorite work.

“Every day [os sistemas de IA] they’re doing more and more amazing things. Influential. And sometimes I find myself producing something in AI and I’m like ‘just one more round of viewing and that’s it’ and I keep repeating that,” he concludes.

Source: Tec Mundo

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