Perhaps the only appliance that does not turn off together with the refrigerator when leaving the house is the refrigerator. ‘router’, transmitting internet signal in that space.

However, there are some who think that you don’t need to plug the device in when you’re ready to sleep at night. because the network service will not be used.

For some, this could mean a reduction in the cost of the electricity bill, because ‘modem’ It can be open 365 days a year, 23 hours a day.

However, there are several reasons Unplugging the ‘router’ from the internet at night is not recommended. According to the ‘Think Big’ technology portal of network provider ‘Telefónica’.

First, by constantly turning the device on and off, Your internet provider may record that your connection is unstable to your remote monitoring.

This makes you think you need a technical overhaul, usually charged later on the invoice.

Likewise, interrupted activation reduces the lifecycle of the device. ‘modem’, as well as its functionality, as it may affect the stability of the network in the future.

“Always turn off “router” makes the line appear unstable, which means your speed can be automatically throttled to improve the reliability of your broadband connection,” says Telefónica.

Likewise, the company technology and virtual security AVG, these devices designed to withstand daytime activities, so these can be updated at night depending on the model your provider assigned you.

On the other hand, the tech designers were also responsible for making the design. ‘modem’ A energy saving productConsidering the 24-hour connection function.

Finally, let ‘routerTurning it on at night allows devices to connect and communicate with each other without future disruptions. In addition help make updates and backups automatically downloaded to phones without interruption.


Source: Exame

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