The Chinese energy company Longi Green Energy (Xidian) announced an imminent sending to low Earth orbit with the release of solar energy and dumping it on the ground, regardless of the time of day.

Longhi is not a pioneer in this field. According to information about the Bloomberg building, 9 years ago, a grant for the use of solar panels in space (polylilifefififoria event) Japan, India and Russia were engaged in similar research. However, China appears to have succeeded.

Confirmation of this fact – successful experiments conducted by Xidian University made it possible to convert sunlight collected in space into microwave radiation and transmit it to an earthly receiving station, where it was transformed back into energy.

According to experts, the Chinese project can start prrrrrrr In this regard, the President of the Chinese Space Agency W Zhijian announced that the Lunar Spacecraft Laboratory will be established in the near future Final partnership agreement with the national space association to create energy sources energy.

Source: Tech Cult

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