A photographer from Germany caused a wave of negativity online by nominating a neural network-generated image for the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards. According to the results of the jury’s voting, the play took first place and was nominated for a cash prize.

An image generated by a neural network won the international photography contest

The winner of the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards withdrew his $5,000 prize shortly after the winners were announced. The author of the image admitted that his work was actually generated by the DALL-E neural network.

The work of photographer with 30 years of experience Boris Eldagsen called “Pseudomnesia: electrician” won in the special category “Creative”, intended for unusual and experimental shots. According to the author, he used this image to test the competence and start an open discussion about the future of photography as a craft.

The same image of a Berlin photographer generated by a neural network / Eldagsen.com

Awards officials told BBC News that Eldagsen misled them about the extent of the use of artificial intelligence in the production of the image. “After our correspondence with Boris and the guarantees he provided, we consider that his work met the criteria for this category and we support his participation,” the organizers in charge of selecting the images justify themselves.

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In turn, the photographer thanked the jury for “choosing his image and making this moment historic”, but rejected the award. “The images and photographs generated must not compete with each other for the same prize. These are different things,” Eldagsen said.

Cover photo: Eldagsen.com


Grigory Shcheglov

Source: RB

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