April is marked by meteor showers that can be seen across Brazil, especially in the higher regions. It will be possible to see the summit on Friday night (22) and Saturday morning (23). lirid meteor showerapproximately 18 meteors per hour.

The best time to see the phenomenon is the 23rd, from 1 a.m. and the North and Northeast areas will be the most privileged. However, wherever you are, point yourself to the north and observe small celestial bodies.

The Lyrid meteor shower is the main event for viewing space debris – the group of meteorites enter the planet’s atmosphere at super high speeds and light up the sky. Monitoring will be the best result in an environment where there is not much light pollution, such as urban or rural areas.

What are Lyrid meteorites?

Actually, meteorites come from the constellation Lyra, which is why they were named that way. Space debris is the tiny remnant of comet C/1861 G1 (Thatcher), according to a discovery made in 1861.

As Brazilian astronomer Marcelo Cicco points out in a statement from the National Observatory, the illumination of the moon should obscure the visibility of smaller and less bright celestial objects. The meteors’ transit began on April 15 and should last until the 29th of this month.

Source: Tec Mundo

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