The introduction of artificial intelligence technologies without their strict regulation can cause serious harm to society, said Google chief Sundar Pichai. As an example of what can lead to runaway AI development, Pichai named deepfakes in which people say phrases they’ve never said before.

Without strong regulation, AI can harm society: Google CEO

Sundar Pichai shared his vision of the progress in the development of artificial intelligence technologies in an interview with CBS.

The CEO of Google believes that the field of AI should be regulated so that it does not cause potential harm to society. With technology advancing rapidly, “we still don’t know all the answers,” Pichai said.

An example of what the uncontrolled development of AI technologies has already led to, Pichai called deepfake videos in which people say things they’ve never said. There should be consequences for those videos that “harm society,” the Google boss said.

Sundar Pichai also has the support of the Russians: according to the survey, half of the inhabitants of Russia are in favor of introducing restrictions on the development of neural networks and artificial intelligence.

The proposal to label all the content that the AI ​​creates was previously made by University of California professor Hani Farid. According to him, such content may be watermarked with a unique identifier.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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