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Marvel and DC superheroes have gotten a few different versions over time. Thanks to the multiverses created by both companies and the almost endless possibilities they bring, we have seen many alternative hero figures from parallel universes. However, we doubt you’ve seen it before. Marvel and DC characters in medieval versions.

A Reddit user named ComicScare10 (@TheWorstGameDev) decided to explore the multiverse of heroes and imagined many of them as living directly in the Middle Ages (occurring in the 10th and 15th centuries). As the artist himself stated, Midjourney, Artificial Intelligence (AI) service generating images from textual descriptions.

The person responsible for creating the arts with artificial intelligence also revealed the prompt he used: “ middle ages. Historically correct. Photograph.”

Check the results below!

1 – Wonder Woman

miracle woman

One of DC’s most powerful heroes, Wonder Woman emerges as a true princess of the Middle Ages.

2 – Batman


I don’t know about you, but if we found this creepy Batman wandering the streets of the Middle Ages, we’d rush home!

3 – Superman


Is this an airplane? a star? Villager? No, it’s just the Superman in the medieval version that looks calmer and more peaceful.

4 – Iron Man

iron Man

Even in the Middle Ages, Iron Man looks stylish with Stark Industries worthy armor (where would Tony’s ancestors be during this period?).

5 – Thor


The Thor of the Middle Ages is very similar to the current Thor. After all, he is a god and has always been around. But we enjoyed the simplest handling of the hero!

6 – Spider-Man

Spider Man

Friend of the Neighborhood was supposed to help many people in the Middle Ages. But in his breaks, he rested a little by reading a book.

7 – Hulk


If the main idea of ​​the Middle Ages was brute strength, it makes perfect sense to envision the Hulk as a mighty and fearsome warrior. Dealing with it? Not possible!

8 – Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch WandaVisionbeauty continues to spread in this version, which carries a noble and classy air. Was he a member of the clergy?

9 – Captain America

captain America

If you haven’t dreamed of a Captain America in the Middle Ages, here it is! With his characteristic armor and shield, the hero appears ready for a new battle. Or rather, for another crusade!

10 – Black Panther

black panther

If Wakanda were an asylum, this medieval Black Panther would be quite protective. Just like Batman, the hero’s appearance is imposing and terrifying, which will be enough to scare any possible invaders.

11 – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

What would the heroes of the Middle Ages be without a medieval wizard to show them all the possibilities and help them through difficulties? Good thing we have this version of Doctor Strange to do its job!

Source: Tec Mundo

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