Yakut developers have created a realistic duck hunting simulation game. To simulate the realities of wildlife, the creators used a proprietary system, and the project team independently recorded all sounds in the game.

Yakut developers have created a realistic duck hunting simulation game

The release of the duck hunting simulator was announced in the press center of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The game called BULT is a realistic simulation game. The player is given only a gun, a rope, and a flashlight.

The developers sought to ensure that the gameplay would convey the sensations that a person experiences in reality, and also be as similar as possible to a real hunt. For example, in rainy weather, ducks are less able to hear hunters, but can more easily mask the sound of their wings.

“In our simulator, you can hear by ear if a flock is approaching or flying past, and you can also calculate the approximate location of a duck from its quack,” said Evgeny Pashkov, Nordrise team leader.

All sounds in the game, including gunshots, the noise of rain and the crackling of branches, were recorded by the project team themselves. The most difficult task for them was to record the sounds of the game.

“First of all, it is difficult to find a duck in a fairly quiet place where there are no noisy seagulls, other birds, insects, wind. Secondly, you need to sneak up at a fairly close distance and remain unnoticed for a long time,” the developers of the project noted.

The alpha version of the BULT simulator is available on the VK Play platform. Nordrise plans to complete all work on the game by 2025.


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