Perfect headphones for music junkies: noise canceling and 50 hours of battery life

Say goodbye to wires and annoying noise with these Soundcore headphones on sale.

You can listen to HD music from Apple Music and other platforms with these wireless earbuds.

don’t miss it unique opportunity! wireless headphones Soundcore Space A40 They are available on Amazon for an incredible price: only 79.99 euros! This means a savings of 20 Euros over the official price of 99.99 Euros! And best of all, these headphones have impressive features that will take your breath away, even when compared to AirPods 3.

You can choose between three colors available at the same discounted price. Amazon’s price is insane if we compare it to other stores like AliExpress where it’s sold at less than 90 Euros. Soundcore Space A40, just what you need If you want autonomy, top-notch sound and excellent noise cancellation.

Soundcore Space A40

Buy a great alternative to AirPods 3

Sound quality is one of the most remarkable features of the Soundcore Space A40. Reaching frequencies up to 40,000 Hz and Compatible with Sony LDAC codecsYou will enjoy high quality streaming up to 990 kbps or 24-bit/96 KHz. you will be able to hear better quality music More than Spotify Premium. Use your Apple Music, Music Unlimited or Tidal subscription to get the most out of them.

Soundcore Space A40 white

There is life beyond Apple AirPods.

But that’s not all. Soundcore Space A40 headphones, Active noise cancellation up to 98% of outside noise. And not only that each earphone integrates 3 microphones, two for noise cancellation and the other for capturing sound clearly. Noise canceling automatically adjusts the amount of noise your microphones detect at any given time, so you always have an outstanding listening experience.

When it comes to battery life, the Soundcore Space A40 impresses. with the duration up to 50 hours with charging case (10 hours headphone only), you can enjoy your favorite music all day long. and with it fast chargingIn just 10 minutes you will have 4 hours of extra use.

Also Soundcore Space A40 headphones comfortable and light. You can change different size ear tips to fit any ear and they weigh only 4.9 grams each one. If you’re worried about syncing, the Soundcore app you: 22 different syncs so you can personalize your listening experience.

Soundcore Space A40

Soundcore Space A40 headphones are the perfect choice for anyone looking for headphones. extraordinary listening experience and unmatched sound quality. Don’t hesitate and get them now at a historic price. Your favorite music has never sounded better As in the Soundcore Space A40.

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