Since April 19, Yandex Go has launched the Wind electric scooter rental in St. Petersburg – these are new models of Yandex’s own development.

Yandex launched self-developed electric scooters in St. Petersburg

The Yandex message says that these are the first rental devices in the world with two shock absorbers, both front and rear. This should make getting around the city more comfortable, even on uneven roads and cobblestones.

Yandex introduced its own electric scooters to replace the Chinese Ninebot. Development was led by Wind, which the corporation acquired last fall. The company announced plans to make up to 70% of the fleet from its own scooters.

The new scooter has a wide and short deck, making riding together almost impossible. The device was equipped with built-in turn signals and a flashlight, a wider steering wheel. At the same time, the turning radius has been reduced to make it more comfortable to turn on narrow streets.

The maximum speed of the scooters is 20 km/h. They automatically slow down in areas where there are a lot of people walking.

You can rent scooters at the “Fixed” and “Per Minute” rates. In the latter, the cost will be 50 rubles per booking, and the fee is 6 rubles per minute.

The application will offer specific routes for scooters, taking into account the passage through cycle paths and sidewalks. One account can reserve up to three scooters at the same time.

Yandex does not disclose the number of new scooters.

  • Whoosh also reported on plans to bring its own electric scooter model to market. Now this company, like Yandex, uses Chinese Ninebot scooters.
  • In October 2022, the government approved changes to the traffic rules, the new rules apply to the use of electric scooters, gyro scooters and other similar vehicles. For them, they decided to limit the maximum speed to 25 km/h.
  • In this case, the weight of the electric transport must not exceed 35 kg. In the case of electric vehicles of greater mass, circulation is allowed on the right side of the road. But this can be done by people over the age of 14 and only where the maximum speed is limited to 60 km/h, and cyclists are also allowed.


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