He has never fallen in love with a fictional character who throws the first stone. Be the nice guy in your favorite book, the beauty in a movie, or even that character in an anime.

If you’ve already had this “experience”, it’s very likely that you’ve dreamed of exchanging ideas with your imaginary love, right? The curiosity of the time is that this is very close to reality, albeit in Black Mirror style.

Character.ai initiative made it possible for fans to meet their favorite characters. Founded last year, the company, led by former Google researchers Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, allows users to “chat” with famous people via an AI-powered chatbot.

In the app, people can chat with an AI that mimics any personality, including flesh-and-blood celebrities like Beyoncé and Elon Musk (or other deceased personalities) or characters well-known to pop culture fans like Tony Stark and Bruce. Wayne, among others.


The user can chat, ask questions and even ask for advice by selecting the celebrity in the app, and artificial intelligence takes on character.

How does Character.AI work?

However, the key to Character.AI is that anyone can create a new character on the platform. In short, it is not necessary for a public person to be “that famous” to have a profile in the app, any user just needs to create the profile.

For this, the user just needs to be willing to add some descriptive text so that the artificial intelligence learns to imitate the character’s traits. The better and richer the description, the more faithful the “performance” of the robot. After that, the character becomes available to all other users. Other users talking to the character can also help improve the character by providing feedback on their answers. It was this difference that caught the attention of the most interested fans.

It is useful to remember that one can create. any personality. In other words, fanatical characters often appear in practice. If you don’t believe in the power of the tool, try talking to some fans who have been chatting for hours with their favorite characters via Character.AI.

One downside, according to users, is that the hottest chats are censored. The app’s filter does not allow the exchange of sexual messages with artificial intelligence to avoid potential disturbances in the future.

But wait, not every AI wants to talk…

However, lover of the moment ChatGPT even lets you chat with your favorite character, but the experience is much more boring and serious. The reason is pretty obvious, as the platform wasn’t made specifically for that. In other words, every time the user wants to speak, he should ask the artificial intelligence to imitate the character he wants, and the technology should remind him at every moment that he is nothing but a language program.

artificial intelligence fanfiction

artificial intelligence fanfiction

As you may have noticed, chatting with ChatGPT is not the best way out for fans who want to feel closer to their imaginary idols.

It is worth noting that although the artificial intelligence of Character.AI was developed to create connections with users, the good result of the tool can be attributed to the dedication of the fans. It can even be compared to text fanatics, a huge phenomenon on the internet, as developing a character to make it look as realistic as possible takes time and a deep knowledge of creation.

It’s not yet clear whether conversations with Character.AI’s AI will be successful, but it looks like fandoms will be getting more and more interactive features to interact with their favorite characters in the future.

Source: Tec Mundo

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