The Podolsky city court found it illegal to require buyers of Wildberries to pay for the return of defective products. Rospotrebnadzor filed a lawsuit against the company in early March, the court granted it on April 13, 2023, RBC learned.

The court declares the paid return of defective merchandise to Wildberries illegal

If the merchandise is found to have defects not disputed by the seller, the buyer has the right to demand a replacement with products of the same brand.

The customer can also demand to replace the product with another with a recalculation of the cost, eliminate the defects free of charge or refuse the purchase and receive a refund of its full cost.

The collection or retention of funds by the market in case of rejection of defective products is a violation of current legislation, reported Rospotrebnadzor.

Wildberries is confident that the court did not fully understand the circumstances of the case. In addition, the representatives of the platform were absent from the meeting, since “they were not duly notified.” The company intends to challenge the court’s decision.

The company also emphasized that the return of defective items remains free for buyers, and the user pays for the return only if the product turned out to be of adequate quality and there is an “abuse of the company’s free services.” Wildberries reported that a similar measure is applied to customers who order a large number of items with a low redemption percentage.

  • In mid-April, Wildberries, together with Ozon, Sbermegamarket, Yandex.Market and SME Corporation, signed a memorandum regulating the work of markets with sellers and owners of collection points. The issue of the interaction between marketplaces and their partners became relevant in the midst of the conflict between Wildberries and the owners of the collection points, which began in mid-March.

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Source: RB

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