ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that talks to the user on various topics, answers questions and offers solutions to countless questions.

However, what many may not know is that artificial intelligence can be a real ally in helping with daily tasks. We present 7 of these possibilities in the following lines. To follow!

1. Help with accounts

Whether for basic day-to-day operations or slightly more complex calculations, ChatGPT manages to prove to be a good ally in providing results for those who want quick answers to mathematical questions.

A positive point is that artificial intelligence can also solve percentage, statistical and even financial calculations. This will definitely help many people find the right results.

2. Planning and time management

This is a good way to use ChatGPT because it also makes many tasks less complicated by organizing your goals and calendars quickly and intuitively.

Need help prioritizing certain tasks or even setting deadlines based on the complexity of the projects you’re involved in? Don’t worry: artificial intelligence is there to help.

3. Have tips for job interviews

Anyone looking for a new job opportunity will certainly encounter “terrible” interviews. This is a key moment on the road to a new settlement, and ChatGPT can even help with that.

The robot’s main actions include hints about: how to behave while chatting and even guidance for some answers if you decide to simulate the environment of a selection process. After all, one of the virtues of the robot is its ability to compose lines of dialogue with great precision.

4. Ask for advice

Thinking of surprising your boyfriend or girlfriend, did you say something you shouldn’t say to a friend, or do you need a great movie tip to savor that free moment of the weekend? Know that your screen can help right now with some advice straight from ChatGPT.

It’s very simple to do: just type what you need as a command for AI and wait for the response with possibilities for action or suggestion for each situation.

5. Take surveys

To close our list of tasks that ChatGPT can help with, we can also mention the possibility of doing research on the most diverse topics on the platform.

Whether in the school field, searching for a recipe or otherwise, the AI ​​database can definitely answer what you’re looking for and fail only when you want to learn about something very new.

And do you know any other use of ChatGPT not mentioned above? Share with other readers Technology World using our social networks.

Source: Tec Mundo

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