Recent research examined the magnetic fingerprints of the ancient crystals. So they accurately pinpointed the age of the Earth’s inner core at 550 million years ago. Furthermore, the study also found the cause of the rejuvenation of the magnetic field from the earth. In practice, answers have been found to the evolution of the mechanism that supports the magnetic field and to how the Earth became a habitable planet.

The magnetic field represents an important defense for humanity. It is a protective shield against radiation and the solar wind. A way to make life on Earth possible. The shield is formed by the moving vortices of liquid iron underground, outside the Earth’s core. What remains a mystery to scientists is the relationship between the magnetic field and core of the earth. Important key answers seem to reside in ancient crystals. These are minerals that rise to the earth from the molten core. They cool and trap tiny magnetic particles that then become the shield’s identity card.

The researchers used a magnetometer it is a laser to analyze magnetic needles stuck in the mineral feldspar. The goal was to specify the age of the Earth’s core and identify two major responses to its evolution. Simply put, the study revealed that the core was formed 550 million years ago, 15 million years after the Earth’s field collapsed. The Earth’s inner core, which was born, first charged the molten outer core and then restored the magnetic field. It has also been estimated that 450 million years ago, the evolution of the inner core has two cores: an outer innermost and a deeper innermost.

Since we have more accurately determined the age of the inner core, we have been able to investigate that the current inner core actually consists of two parts. The tectonic movements of the plates on the Earth’s surface have indirectly affected the inner core, and the history of these movements is etched deep into the structure of the inner core.

John Tarduno of the University of Rochester

Source: Lega Nerd

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