After 13-year-old Ohio teenager Jacob Stevens died while participating in the “Benadryl Challenge,” TikTok spoke about the dangers of such posts. ByteDance’s social network said it moderated the content, but denied knowing about the trend and offered its condolences to the family..

“We strictly prohibit and remove content that promotes dangerous behavior as our community’s safety is a top priority. We’ve never seen this type of content trend on our platform, and we’ve been blocking searches for years to deter copycat behavior,” said a spokesperson for the platform. dexterity.

The social network added that it has a team of 40,000 security experts working to fix the breaches. It also encouraged users to report when they come across similar content and accounts promoting it.

Jacob joined the train while it was being filmed by his friends. He had a seizure, was hospitalized, and died six days later.. Father Justin Stevens urged other families to watch out for teens on their cell phones. “Talk to them about the situation. I want everyone to know about my son,” he corrected.

already known challenge

Jacob was not the first person to die from the “Benadryl Challenge”. A 15-year-old girl from Oklahoma also died in 2020, leading the drug’s maker, Johnson & Johnson, to say it wanted to stop her excessive medication intake.

The challenge in question shows that teenagers take 14 pills, which is a higher dose than recommended for an adult. Overdose can cause low blood pressure and increased heart rate.

Other consequences of overdose include dehydration, extreme drowsiness, lack of coordination, nausea, constipation, urination problems, blurred vision, delirium, tremors, seizures, excessive body temperature, and difficulty urinating.

Source: Tec Mundo

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