This apple released today (17) new accessibility features for products that help people with disabilities “navigate, connect and get the most out of” the brand’s gadgets. Tools that leverage advances in hardware, software and machine learning will be available by the end of the year.

Focused on deaf or hard of hearing users, live captions can be activated during phone calls. face time, video conferencing applications and viewing videos. They are available in the latest versions of devices.

Blind or low vision people will have access door detection systemfinds doors when entering a new destination, indicates how far they are, and defines their properties (for example, whether you have to turn or push the lever to open). This feature will work on iPhones and iPads with LiDAR sensors.

For the same audience, Apple has announced expanded support. Dubbingthe screen reader will have even more optimized audio options and Text Checker functionality on Mac to find text formatting problems in over 20 additional locales and languages ​​(Catalan, Vietnamese, etc.).

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also apple smart watchPeople with physical and motor disabilities will be able to remotely control the device from a paired iPhone using assistive features such as voice commands, head tracking and more. The news will work on Watch Series 6 and 7.

New quick actions are also planned to answer/end phone calls, turn off notifications, take photos, play/pause media, and start/pause smartwatch training using the double pinch gesture.

The double pinch gesture gives you access to new functions on Apple Watch.

Voice recognition for unique doorbells and devices, new Siri response time adjustments, and audible and haptic feedback for VoiceOver users Apple Maps are some of the other additions announced.

Image: Apple Watch Series 7 4G smartwatch
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With more resistance than its predecessors, it has an OLED display and IPX7 rating, resists dust and water, yet combines heart and blood oxygen monitoring with SOS mode to keep you safe at all times.

Source: Tec Mundo

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