I remember how every spring the reader’s house is spring-cleaned. It was necessary to remove the curtains, move the furniture to wash the entire floor, and be sure to wash the windows inside and out. And it looked pretty scary when one of the relatives, without any insurance, stood on the windowsill with a rag in his hands, hiding the windows wide open.

Now outside the window of 2023, but the story has not gone away. With the advent of spring, when the bright sun lets through dirty stains on the windows left after winter snowstorms, I want to take a rag and create cleanliness. But why collect a rag when there is a special robot for this job?

I got a review of the Dajet W100 window cleaning robot, which is one of three models in one brand line. There are more advanced Dajet W120 and Dajet W200, but they all share one common feature: perfectly wash windows and other glass surfaces without streaks and without your participation.

So I took advantage of this robot and now I will tell you about its capabilities and features, and, of course, I will show the result.

Unpacking and preparation for work

The Dadzhet W100 window cleaning robot is sold in a cardboard box, inside which, in addition to the device itself, you can find:

▪️ brief instructions
▪️ power supply with 5 meters long cable
▪️ Safety rope with metal carabiner
▪️ two spare pressure rings for installing napkins
▪️ TEN (!) replacement cleaning wipes
▪️ remote control with batteries
▪️ empty bottle for cleaning agent

In fact, two cleaning wipes are already installed in the box on two pressure rings, so the kit is a must.

It is important to understand that cleaning wipes only come across “wipes”, although in fact these are round rags made of soft microfibers. They are reusable and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

An impressive set.

The tether is also out of the box, already owned by a tricky knot to the robot, so before using it on the outer outer window, you just need to find something to hook the carabiner to.

This is in case the robot suddenly “falls off” and starts to fall, and the safety cable will not allow it to do this and the device can be safely pulled towards you. The cable is reliable, its tensile strength is about 150 kg.

The robot is completely ready to work out of the box. You just need to charge.

Dajet W100 works on reliable vacuum adhesion, that is, with the help of vacuum pumps, it sticks to the glass and moves without resistance, cleaning it. It makes noise, but not too loudly.


▪️ work speed – 2.5 min/m²
▪️ suction power – 80 W
▪️ dimensions – 30x30x12 cm
▪️ weight – 2.7 kg
▪️ noise – 64 dB

On the body of the robot there is an on/off button, several indicator lights that have the status of Dadzhet W100, as well as a convenient handle for which the robot is convenient to carry and hold until it sticks to the glass.


The Dajet W100 must be charged before using it for the first time. To do this, you need to turn on the charger in the network and connect the robot to it, not forgetting to fix the connector with a closing threaded lock.

Thus, a long wire from the power supply is an additional insurance in case the Dadjet W100 falls. Well, charging will definitely not come out of its socket while the gadget is running.

My robot loaded for about an hour and a half, first of all, than it affected itself. Moreover, the built-in battery, which was powered by energy, is needed not for wireless operation, but in case of power outage during window cleaning..

In the event that power fails through the outlet, a backup battery will be activated, allowing the robot to hold on to the glass for 20 minutes.

This is more than enough time to save Dadzhet W100 from an inevitable fall.

Tested the robot inside the apartment. Few things can happen.

Yes, before starting work, stock up on cleaning agent. I used the most common bottle of such a glass cleaner, which is sold in any supermarket department store.

The instructions even have a guide on exactly how to apply the cleaning agent to the robot wipes. It was empirically found that a variant was discovered – to puff several times in a circle on one napkin, and on the other to moisten the product only in the center.

Thus, the spread of the amount on the glass, even after the first pass of the Dajet W100, will be a cover.

So, the robot is charged, the safety rope is securely fastened, there is an electric battery, you can see it. We recommend that you consider it in action.

Washes, wipes, returns

Once turned on, the Dajet W100 takes a few seconds to reach full power, after which you can bring it to the glass and it will stick to it. You can start cleaning from any corner that is convenient to reach.

After you make sure that the robot is securely holding on to the glass, you should take the control panel in your hands and select one of the three points that activate different programs and trajectories of the W100 Dajet on the window.

Convenient remote control with batteries included.

Since I installed the robot in the upper left corner, I chose the “Above, and then diagonally down” program. You can see the result in the video above.

It can be seen that the robot displays streaks, but this is because I kept too much cleaning agent on its wipes.

If you have not met either, after the first pass, simply change the cleaning wipes to new dry ones, and start the robot again. There are no divorces left.

As it turned out, Dadzhet W100 coped with the task perfectly without any participation from me. At the end of its program, the robot returns to the same place where it started from, so you just need to take the protruding handle and the general power button on the body so that it often sticks to the glass.

If, for some reason, the robot is “stuck” outside the access zone, and you cannot reach it, you can try to control it with the arrows on the remote control so that you can bring it as close to you as possible. You can just slowly pull the device by the safety cable.

These tips are in the instructions for the Dadzhet W100, but during the work I did not notice a single failure. The robot clearly represents the approach of window frames, does not stray from its paths and does not freeze.

Dajet W100 on the shoulder is not only a window

Works fast and cleans well. What else is needed.

Whether you have wardrobes with large mirrors, tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, or smooth facing tiles, Dadzhet W100 cleans all these surfaces from fingerprints, dirt and streaks just as easily. Moreover, even the seams on the tile do not come close to the skin, the robot does not lose contact with the surface and will not fall off.

The speed with which the cleaning of the robot is decent, it cleans one window for about 10 minutes. First of all, it can save my time when I’m doing other things.

Dadzhet W100 will attract my attention with a loud squeak.

My impressions of such window washing were the most positive. Not only do I not need to risk my life, hanging out of the window to reach all corners, but also my presence is not needed at all – the robot does everything itself.

Will clean the window with a side fence. And you do other things.

I can imagine how pleasant it is to use it in new LCDs, which do not open in half of the windows, and even live on some 16th floor. Except with the help
Dajeta W100 (or industrial climbers) do not wash the windows at all.

An undeniable argument was found in the use of this statement: in the chat houses of one of the new buildings in the Oktyabrsky Poly area, they are already asking, does anyone have a window cleaning robot to rent for money. I was shown this message by a friend who lives in that house, and I immediately thought that this was a good startup for young people.

Not everyone at intersections wash their headlights, putting themselves in danger. Clean high-rise windows with the Dadjet W100. Much easier and safer.

So, if you now found on your windows and saw how dirty they are, it is likely that they will be cleaned by a special robot. There is no need to jump around with a rag or a telescopic brush, after all, it’s not the 20th century in the yard.

I remind you that Dadzhet W100 can be bought in DNS for 8899 rubles.

You can find other models on the marketplace pages:

👉 Window cleaning robot Dadzhet W120 buy on Yandex.Market

👉 Window cleaning robot Dadzhet W200 buy on Yandex.Market

The entire line of Dajet window cleaners comes with a 3-year warranty.

Of the main differences, I can note that all three characteristics have features of release, and the Dajet W200 also has exceptional noise during operation, plus it has a system for spraying detergent from a built-in tank right during operation.

Well, now you know exactly what to give yourself or loved ones to convey household chores. Just imagine how much joy you bring to your grandparents, who have a rite of general spring cleaning in their blood, but washing the window in the apartment is already physically difficult.

Well, about myself non-attendance. Save your time.

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