MKBHD spends 40,000 euros to open an original iPhone on video

He spent over $40,000 on an original, unopened iPhone and opened it up for video for all of us to see.

Marques Brownlee buys an original iPhone for $40,000

The craze for the unopened original iPhone reaches unexpected limits. These devices reach exorbitant prices at different auctions, exceeding $60,000. Considering that price, 40,000 still didn’t seem like much to the good guy from MKBHD. bought an original iPhone and videotaped how he turned it on.

Marques Brownlee, one of the biggest tech YouTubers in the world, decided to make a pretty crazy investment. buy an original iPhone in its original box and unopened. Here’s a rare iPhone with stickers that fetched just over $40,000 at a recent auction. Now we know who paid the money.

An original iPhone, really

One such concern iPhone sealed and unopened It means they are cheating on you. There are many YouTubers who have been tricked into buying a sealed and supposedly unused original iPhone. However, Marques Brownlee’s really looks like a sealed and unused iPhone.

On the one hand, all stickers and packaging neatly placed, just like Apple does. for another, iPhone took several hours to charge, the battery has never been used. But in addition to this, the iPhone has the original version of iOS known as iOS at that time. iPhone OS 1.0. Since iPhone OS 2.0 was released to the App Store and the vast majority of original iPhones available are in a more recent version, there aren’t many iPhones left in this version.

original iPhone auction

This original iPhone didn’t come cheap

This original sealed iPhone (model A1203) was auctioned on March 30 at the Wright auction house and reached the maximum bid. $40,320. The device came to Wright through Donald Gajadhar of Fox-White Art & Antique Appraisals.

Fox-White Art & Antique Appraisals experts examined the packaging of the box before putting it up for auction and noticed a small tear inside. To ensure the condition of the contents of the box, X-ray images showing that the device and its accessories are genuine they were there and not tampered with.

This is a collector’s device and therefore value is what one is willing to pay. However, Marques Brownlee was somewhat distracted by turning it on. Although it allows us to see, this is not little.

Source: i Padizate

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