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A representative of the Rutek company announced that the assembly of mobile electronics (laptops, as well as smart devices) has begun, running a system with a little-known name ROSA. Next year, the manufacturer intends to submit documents on the inclusion of devices in the list of software and hardware.

As the first search devices with OS ROS on the threshold of corporate, as well as state and company, but there is a possibility that these products will enter the consumer market. For this reason, on this day, “Operation” is on the same page as “Operation 0” mm.

In addition, there is information that consumer electronics will be produced by Rutek along with the fear of everyday life with cheerfulness, its technological brand will be created by a joint profile company. Recently, F+ tech announced the start of production of tablet PCs and smartphones under its own brand, working under the substitution of the Gogo sub-measure software – Aurora.

OS Rose

To date, the share of devices with OS ROSA in the public sector in the cosector is no more than 3%, and the mobile “option He saw it.” It is also necessary to implement that for the implementation of state institutions of devices with OS ROSBER Isba IPTOprotection, the appearance of which is expected in 2024 or 2025, and at present they can be supplied for state projects in the world of cybersecurity.

At the same time, it is chosen that ROSA, even preliminary, is already known and still requires a serious purchase “a little raw”, and any significant applications for this operating system in general absence.

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