The study’s authors used a dipole gas made up of dysprosium atoms to observe in detail the life cycle of superhard states. Superhard structures is a new and interesting area of ​​research where the properties of a solid and superfluid body appear simultaneously.

Thus, heating a quantum fluid led to the formation of a quantum crystal, which contradicted the usual ideas. The research team joined forces with colleagues to develop a theoretical model to explain the experimental results.

The study, the scientists wrote, is an important step towards a better understanding of the supersolid states of matter.

Quantum computing, meanwhile, promises to be a revolutionary tool, but so far it has had many problems. In particular, it is difficult to ensure the stability of qubits, the smallest operational unit of a quantum computer. However, recently physicists have been known to have a record-breaking qubit lifetime in a quantum computer.

Source: Ferra

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