Since the new iOS update, many Apple users noted on their social networks: some aspects failed Like the volume button when entering WhatsApp and interruptions that have not been experienced before.


The young woman showed with screenshots that the alarm was always activated at 9.25am every day, which triggered the alarm. You have not configured this on your mobile phone. He explained that these warnings started suddenly, but he did not pay much attention to them.

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However, this intriguing fact has been repeated for about 4-5 days, and it only works when the silent function is not activated on your mobile device: “This is absolutely not normal for an alarm. And it only plays once, normally it would keep playing until I hit snooze or stop.”said the netizen.

However, when the phone’s option to cancel sounds is enabled, you will still receive a notification that you have an alarm. Additionally, he adds that this also happened to him three of the cell phones he previously used at Apple.

“Every time I get a new iPhone there is data transfer because I don’t want to start over, it comes with my 9:25am alarm and that is the most stressful. “At that moment I was convinced that I was going to die, as if it was a prophecy of my death,” the user said.

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Following this, he asks if anyone has a solution that doesn’t require cleaning his phone because that won’t work for him. You don’t want to lose all your data.

Considering this, some comments said that he could do this from the sleep schedule option, but he denied this by doing different tests and recording his screen. An Internet user then suggested that he hold down the alarm notification and see if anything can be found to help his problem.

The girl tried but nothing appeared, she swiped left on the alarm message to see the options and the message did not allow her to access them so the only solution she found was this: Uninstall the clock app from your iPhone.

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